Czr Studio

Epifania Epifania
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A ton of essential content for you to be a better creative. For months I produced 1050 minutes of lives that are the essence of years of knowledge about design/creativity and managing a freelance designer career that grows every year with national and international projects. Buy now
Nêmesis Nêmesis
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For your next steps, this is the first design book that is visceral and terrifying. I developed the first collection of design cards compiled in a book, full of notions that will make you reflect on the career you follow, after ten years immersed in the world of creativity. Allow yourself to be immersed in this idealized, authored, directed, produced, acted, and edited experience created by me. A project that will force you to reconsider your work if you remain uninterested. It's for you if you're just starting out in design, and it's also for you if you've been doing it for years.
Caos Caos
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A one-on-one mentoring relationship that will transform your career and, most importantly, you. CAOS mentoring is a once-a-year experience offered to a select group of 50 professionals who, at the conclusion of live group classes and in a subsequent, individual stage, will become "nephews" and have me as a personal mentor. I present you a better world, just like a wonderful uncle – but I also tell you the truth when I look into your eyes.